Wednesday Ladies League Results
Thompson/Haylock over Mosher/Young–7-2
Richardson/Richardson TIED St Pierre/Pratt–4.5-4.5
Stevens/Schrepper over Moreau/Richard- 6-3
Sarchi/Blake over Robichaud/Meader–6.5-2.5
Shaw/Ricker over Wells/Lynch–5.5-3.5
Newman/Albert over Lalemand/Sargent–5-4
Nelke/Py over Murphy/Golden–7.5-1.5
Wade/Gunning over Castonguay/Daigle–5.5-3.5
Cornelio/Gagne over St Jean/Gordon–5-4
Fortin/Robitaille over Finley/St Pierre–5-4
Chiasson/Rombalski over Tyburski/McKay–5-4
Innes/Lemieux over Brackett/Gosselin–7-2
Bessey/Perkins over Longstaff/Chicoine-5-4
McCormick/Frost over the GHOST–7-2
Week 2- May 18- Closest to the Pin #10
A- Diana Sargent- 13’3”
B- Trish Hotham- 38’7”
C- Nancy Ricker- 27’10”
D- Jessica Mosher-37’
50/50- Cindy Schrepper- $52